Vital world

The vital world offers wellness center visitors a complex of relaxation procedures to relax the body and soul and pump positive energy into everyday life. It consists of four saunas complex, there are two swimming pools (cooling and water hell), a tropical tunnel, a sea bath, facilities for cooling the body as well as relaxation areas.

Finnish sauna

Temperature up to 100 °C. The effect of the sauna on the human body has multifaceted benefits. Sauna bathing is excellent as a prevention against various diseases and, at the same time, increases the body’s resistance. By sweating, we flush all toxins out of our body, and subsequent cooling increases the hardening of the body. It provides relaxation of the muscles of the locomotor system with subsequent overall peace.

Bio sauna

Temperature up to 70 °C. It provides regeneration and relaxation, strengthening the immune system. Bio sauna acts as a prevention against diseases caused by stress, such as high or low blood pressure and chronic exhaustion. At the same time, it stabilizes blood circulation, flushes deep-seated impurities from the body, and improves skin elasticity.

Salt inhalation

Steam sauna has a beneficial effect on overall skin circulation. It ensures the natural smoothing of the skin, helps with diseases of the upper respiratory tract and provides detoxification of the body.

Herbal inhalation

The steam sauna is optimal for releasing and removing harmful substances from the body; it purifies the respiratory tract and relaxes the entire body. Moist air has a beneficial effect on the skin, which is heavily blood-stained and intensively cleansed. The pleasant aromas of medicinal herbs are a balm for all the senses. They have calming effects and act against physical fatigue.

Sauna recommendations

Cooling bath

Water temperature up to 15 °C, area of 4 m2, depth of 1,3 m, serves for cooling after using sauna. The combination of staying in saunas and cooling off in a pool with cold water has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and helps strengthen the body.

Water hell

Water temperature up to 38 °C, area of 15 m2, depth of 0,75 m. A pool with water attractions, such as a water mushroom, and massage jets, lies in the so-called cave and offers a pleasant space for relaxation in combination with light therapy.

Sea bath

A shower with thermal water has a highly beneficial healing effect on the immune system, helping to prevent diseases such as flu and colds. It cleans the nasal cavities, has a good impact on sore throat treatment, and helps to improve eyesight. It is suitable for skin diseases, especially psoriasis, atopic eczema, and others. It will significantly improve the condition of people with allergies.

Tropical tunnel

The tunnel’s walls, with a length of 5 m, have massage water jets and showers that simulate tropical rain, gentle rain, and fog. In combination with light effects, staying in a tropical tunnel provides relaxation and peace. The procedure massages and perfuses the skin, stimulates blood circulation, provides body regeneration, and removes toxic substances from the tissues.


It allows visitors to rest between and after the sauna session. There are three shaped, pleasantly heated deckchairs for mild and gentle warming of the whole body and four deckchairs in the relaxation room with a drinking fountain. The pleasant, relaxing atmosphere is enhanced by light therapy and relaxing music.


It offers cooling with ice crystals after the sauna. By rapidly cooling the body, the immune system is strengthened, and the production of blood cells increases.

A bucket of courage

This procedure is the key to the permanent health and vitality of the body. The sharp cooling leads to stimulation of the immune system and an increase in the number of red and white blood cells.